Australian Music Week Conference

Last Friday, our co-founders presented at the Australian Music Week in Sydney. The conference (now in its 3rd year) brings together musicians and industry players for 3 days of networking, live music and discussions from across Australia and Canada.

Zimrii Music was a major sponsor of the event and presented a panel discussion titled ‘What the hell is BlockChain?” with the aim of the discussion to present a high level of overview of the implications and benefits of Blockchain Technology for Musicians and the impacts to the music industry as a whole

Reflecting the high level of interest in the potential of the technology resulted in a lively question and answer discussion with attendees seeking answers to a range of clarification points

· What is the impact of crypto currencies in the music industry?

· How will the work of the PRO’s be incorporated into the implementation of BlockChain?

· How would a musicians use the Zimrii Music platform in relation to smart contracts?

· Where is the data stored?

All great discussion points which shows the appetite for various music stakeholders to uncover the benefits of Blockchain Technology